7 comments on “The Tetragrammaton Has Been Reversed

  1. A good teacher begins at chapter one page one. They don’t hop to chapter 3.

    Here’s a concept: Not everyone speaks English. Nor do all people have a Western culture egocentric view of the world.

    This blog is read in 70 countries around the world.

    News: The world is not English.

    And English or not, when you look at the tetragrammaton, it is as the EYES perceive it. Right to left.

    The article is self explanatory.

    • Circular reasoning isn’t REAL reasoning.

      A comment about Jahsdisciple:

      Nowhere in the Bible is any language referring to a “disciple of God.

      “Christians” are disciples of Christ Jesus. Your screen name omits the Lord; just as you were taught by the Watchtower Society to do.

      Since the group you are with feel that the name “Jehovah” is unclean, do they complain to you for using “Jah”?

      Your real issue is about the fact that I’ve pointed out that demonstrating, as Pearl Doxsey calls your activity in her forum, is not proper Christian conduct.

    • When you look at the tetragrammaton with your eyes, you must first see them (the characters) as they are. Then substitute the english letters as they are.

      Then, you turn them around to fit the order your language is read in. This is all explained in the article.

      It may seem an unnecessary to do for someone who is used to taking shortcuts.

      If you were really in union with Christ, you would follow him and not some human.

      It’s clear you don’t get it and there is no further basis for discussion.

      The person calling themselves “jahsdisciple” wrote in reply to this, my last comment to this person on this topic.

      When someone doesn’t have truth or logic on their side, they respond like this:

      You call it “circular reasoning” because you are clueless about how hebrew is translated…and you cant see that. If you cant even explain the divine name,this only proves how clueless you are in other areas. EG. How are Anointed trampled in this time as CHRIST PREDICTED. If you cant even explain translating rules and get it right about the Divine Name,how can you see anything else? Jahs spirit cannot be upon you if you cant explain correctly about His own name. You say its backwards…its not. Educate yourself about hebrew translating into english and then post a reply

      ” Will mere words form sufficient convincing argument when tangible proof is insufficient? How is this remaining ‘teachable’? No one is beyond instruction.”

      Everyone except you! Do your research before posting translating ignorance. Give us some “tangible proof” you understand translating rules!

      Just so you can prove “Pearl” wrong,why don’t you explain how anointed are being “Trampled” today? Who are gentiles within the “Holy place” ? You wont touch the subject because you are an unfaithful anointed who has stopped listening to Christ..and cant even explain His Fathers name correctly.
      If you refer to the article entitled “Is Michael Jesus Christ New Name?:


      Pearl Doxsey needs no help proving what or what she isn’t.

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