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“And Jehovah kept Sending His Messengers the Prophets”

The Last Will and Testament of Charles Taze Russell

“Finally: Adam And Eve Are About To Die!”

“And Jehovah kept Sending His Messengers the Prophets”

“You will tell them whatever I tell you to say, whether they listen or not. Remember what rebels they are.” Ezekiel 2:7 GNT

God Almighty, spoke to Ezekiel the son of Buzi. He told him to go to the King, priest, prophets, court officials, and all the people of Israel and speak to them ALL the words Jehovah the God of Israel was telling them. You can read the account yourself to clearly understand what circumstances Jehovah was placing the prophet in. Understanding these things will offer you a soul-searching opportunity to look at where you stand in the stream of time and events in God’s sight.

Ezekiel was chosen by God to be His messenger while Ezekiel was living as an exile. A key kernel of understanding is to remember that Ezekiel was in exile through no fault of his own. But rather, it was because of the sin of the nation that they all had been sold into slavery. Since he was in exile already, Jehovah’s punishment against the apostate nation was already under way. This was however before the complete desolation and destruction of Jerusalem. We know this because it was after this he was called to prophesy concerning its fall.

The Biblical narrative shows that they were being punished because they had rebelled against Jehovah God and had broken the covenant they had taken with Him. They had a history of this display of conduct repeatedly over time. We know that the Holy Scriptures is a text of patterns of recurring themes and situations being amplified over time to the finale. This scenario has been played out in the past so definitely it is being played out today; for, these are the “last days”, the climax, and the time for the Final Rebellion.

Today modern-day “Jerusalem” is under attack; being besieged from every side. But not as a result of persecution for its true Christian devotion. No, but as a result of God’s punishment for its transgressions. If you read the Bible book of Ezekiel, you can get a true view of the state of the condition of the Christian congregation today.

Quoting from the Good News Translation, below are the words God spoke to the prophet Zechariah found at Zechariah 7: 11-14.

“But my people stubbornly refused to listen. They closed their minds and made their hearts hard as rock. Because they would not listen to the teaching which I sent through the prophets who lived long ago, I became very angry. Because they did not listen when I spoke, I did not answer when they prayed. Like a storm I swept them away to live in foreign countries. This land was left a desolate place, with no one living in it.”

Clearly what made the land desolate was their apostatizing from obedience to Jehovah by their stubbornly refusing to listen to Jehovah’s warnings through His chosen messengers.

Let’s now read from the GNT translation as well, Jehovah’s words of instruction to the prophet Ezekiel as he commissioned him to be His message bearer. These verses also shed light on Jehovah’s personal thoughts and feelings about His covenant people. Below are verses found at Ezekiel 2:3-7.

“Mortal man, I am sending you to the people of Israel. They have rebelled and turned against me and are still rebels, just as their ancestors were. They are stubborn and do not respect me, so I am sending you to tell them what I, the Sovereign Lord, am saying to them. Whether those rebels listen to you or not, they will know that a prophet has been among them.

But you, mortal man, must not be afraid of them or anything they say. They will defy and despise you; it will be like living among scorpions. Still, don’t be afraid of those rebels or of anything they say. You will tell them whatever I tell you to say, whether they listen or not. Remember what rebels they are.”

So Ezekiel became an emissary as a message bearer, to a hostile respondent in the people of the land of Israel. Likened to scorpions, they would be striking at the prophet who bore God’s messages. Nevertheless, Jehovah made clear to the prophet his personal responsibility in the commission he was being given. Jehovah spells out Ezekiel’s obligation as recorded in Ezekiel 3:16-21. Jehovah called him a “watchman”. If he failed to speak these messages of warning that he had been given, he would be held liable for his failure to do so.

Because Ezekiel’s concern was based around a true love for Jehovah and a desire to render Him exclusive devotion, he was quite willing to take the assignment God had given him. Ezekiel did what he was supposed to do; he prophesied. He prophesied about the siege and destruction of what remained of Jerusalem calling it a whore being punished for her sins.

He prophesied about Jehovah’s having seen the continued idolatry in Israel, even though practiced in secret. Jehovah showed him in vision the “disgusting idol” the priest had erected right next to an altar for sacrificing to Him. The prophet says that when he looked,

“I looked, and there near the altar by the entrance of the gateway I saw the idol that was an outrage to God” (Ezekiel 8:5 GNT). These disgusting things and the like were leading to her desolation. Do you believe they were not aware of their offenses before Jehovah or that they did not realize to what extent they were sinning against Him? Either way they paid for their transgression as history proves. God tells the prophet that the actions of the nation are driving Him, “farther and farther away from my holy place”.

They even brought the image of a false god into the Temple courtyard

Jehovah continues to show the prophet scenes to open his eyes to what has been going on in secret. He told Ezekiel to bore a hole through a wall so he could enter an inner room. He did so and immediately saw drawings of unclean reptiles, snakes, other unclean animals, and other unclean things (unclean according to the Law). He sees the Israelites worshiping them and included are some of the leaders of Israel. He recognizes one to be Jaazaniah, son of Shaphan the court secretary. They were burning incense in incense holders that each one of them were holding. God said to Ezekiel, “Mortal man, do you see what the leaders of Israel are doing in secret? They are all worshiping in a room full of images. Their excuse is: “Jehovah does not see us! He has abandoned the country”.”

Tammuz statue Minotaur

Tammuz statue Minotaur

The prophet saw more. He in his second vision he also saw the women weeping over the ritualistic death of the false god Tammuz; a Sumerian/Babylonian god (Ezekiel 8: 13,14). And then Jehovah showed him even more apostasy. From chapter 8 of Ezekiel beginning with verse 16, we read:

“So he took me to the inner courtyard of the Temple. There near the entrance of the sanctuary, between the altar and the porch, were about twenty-five men. They had turned their backs to the sanctuary and were bowing low toward the east, worshiping the rising sun.

The Lord said to me, “Mortal man, do you see that? These people of Judah are not satisfied with merely doing all the disgusting things you have seen here and with spreading violence throughout the country. No, they come and do them right here in the Temple and make me even more angry. Look how they insult me in the most offensive way possible. They will feel all the force of my anger. I will not spare them or show them any mercy. They will shout prayers at me as loud as they can, but I will not listen to them.”

These were the kind of people God’s messenger would be confronted by. They were not worshiping Jehovah exclusively and were in full-throttle apostasy trying to mix pure worship with that of demons. Ezekiel would be ostracized, insulted, and persecuted because of his obedience in delivering Jehovah’s messages of disaster. People don’t like bad news. Especially if it is about their failure and that bad consequences are coming. Can you imagine a thief tolerating some following him as he goes about his larceny shouting “You’re bad and you’re gonna get caught?” Neither do bad people like to be reminded of their badness. Adulterers do not want to hear that they are adulterers. It interferes with the mood by pricking at one’s conscience. Their reaction was clear enough indication that they had no intentions of repenting and turning around.

Blackmail and Compromise

The dynamics of this situation are not something unusual in history of the prophets. Jehovah’s true prophets, as a pattern, were always treated this way, except for by a small few whom did not. This was true in the days of the Great Prophet, the son of man. It held true for the faithful Apostles. Holy Scripture is witness. As God’s teaching pattern dictates, it must be true concerning His prophetic messengers today, as this is the Great Expose and the Finale. And also with regard to the same internal dysfunction that face His name people today, as Scripture pointedly foretold would be the case in the ‘end times’.


Many who claim to be Jehovah’s true witnesses have been rendered speechless due to their compromising to protect the security they have in this world. We’ve all heard the expression used, “don’t make waves”. Those familiars with it need no explanation of its implications. “Don’t rock the boat” is another. What is inferred is that if you go against the expressed wishes and direction of the person or group making the statement or being referred to, the will be trouble for you. Many a noble-minded employee became a ‘whistleblower’ only be ostracized and attacked by the group. Suddenly, he doesn’t get that promotion he was expecting, or the bank has become less friendly to him, or his neighbors start giving him the cold shoulder, etc. In the congregation there have been Kingdom ‘whistleblowers’ who have suffered that same fate. It is a means of control. Today those who have succumb to this control are the ones who have cowardly been rendered speechless due to concern over the loss of the things mentioned in this paragraph. They well know that if they start ‘rocking the boat’, the waters of their life are going to start to get very choppy; there will be reprisals. Loss of job, home, family, friends, branded, and cast out. They prove too weak stand for righteousness. If you can’t sacrifice these things for Christ sake, how can you lead yourself to believe that you would give up your soul? In the Revelation Christ gave the Apostle John he said the place for, among others, the ‘cowards’ was the lake burning with fire and sulfur (see Revelation 21:8 the Second death). Ponder please, of what ‘cowards’ could he be referring to? This group fits the criteria.

Notice why Ezekiel was the subject of their rejection and abuse? It’s very important. One should never confuse the sufferings that they endure due to their own wrongdoing as being the same suffering Jesus said his true disciples would endure for his namesake. If it were true that the penalty we pay for our wrongdoing amounted suffering in the name of the Lord, then I suppose the worst criminals would the foremost in line headed to the kingdom of God. Sounds foolish doesn’t it?

The prophets like Ezekiel suffered their pains because of a specific cause and that was for standing fast with the God of Truth. Apostles like Paul and John, who were also prophets, suffered not for any guilt; but, for being truth-tellers even in the face of power. Remember that the source of these assaults had its epicenter in the congregation by those who instigated it. In any event, it was the sin of the nation that led both innocent and guilty being led into captivity. As described earlier, Lord Jesus was the Greatest of all Prophets. Scripture tells us, that in him was found no lie. He led the way and set the pattern of speech his true disciples must also possess of telling the truth, the whole truth, and telling no lie.

Nor should we confuse the pains and sufferings common to all humans, as some kind of sign or evidence of suffering in the name of Jesus. While it is most certainly true that these are being manipulated by elements of this demonic world (either by creating illness or by accentuating it), it should be proven first that these symptoms are not a result of something merely coincidental to men. One can easily misinterpret these things and come away with a false sense of well-being and being right; claiming he/she is suffering for the Lord.

Real Christian persecution is going on; though it remains veiled to a largely imperceptible world completely blinded by the demons. As man’s mean have advanced, more covert, insidious measures are employable that have not available in the past. Widespread ‘gang-stalking’ is used on specific ‘targeted individuals. There are ways to torture people without leaving visible marks. Through psychological conditioning tactics their plan is to mentally make one submit or destroy him, rendering him none effective. Behind the scene manipulation of everything from jobs, homes, credit, and even medical access and proper care. The denial of these things through manipulation from behind the scene wreaks havoc on the life of the recipient. It’s not quite as easy to burn someone at the stake these days. If the messenger will not stop preaching according to God, then family members are told they are the apostates and exclude them as family members. Jesus did say a “man’s enemies will be members of his own household”. The Devil will do terrible things to create pain for God’s children.

Haven’t you ever wondered: Where is the great wave of persecution upon Christ elect that was described as would occur in the final part of the days? From all public report, only a very small number of Jehovah’s Witnesses are living under extreme persecution. Most I know are living the best of lives. What do you think would happen if you approach the vast majority in the congregation today and asked, ” Recount for me the incidence you recall that you can point to that show you are suffering for your stance with Jesus”? There would be pregnant silence, fumbling, and an anxious desire to move on to another topic. But there are those who do bear the scars of their obedience to Christ. Christ congregation is being persecuted and probably right under your nose. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong places.

In the entirety of the Scriptural account, never once did any complete covenant group belonging to Jehovah ever repent and maintain keeping the covenant. That is worth noting. At best they would reform for a brief period; when they were once again satisfied and secure, they quickly return to their God dishonoring practices. Only a small few were faithful to the end. But even so, they too were taken into captivity.

Please compare this scenario to that set to occur at the End when the two horn wild beast appears. Jesus shows John at Revelation 13:9, 10 the situation this small faithful remnant would face. Please read His words above.

Doesn’t that fit the same circumstances like those that Ezekiel and his contemporaries found themselves in? It was meant by Jehovah’s execution of Divine justice that they all go into captivity. It was not to be avoided. Those who attempted to do so by running to “Egypt” and “Assyria” for refuge met with death by means of sword, plague, or famine. They had no choice but to go into captivity for the appointed time. This would have called for endurance and acceptance of such circumstances back in Babylonian captivity of God’s people whether exiled or literally in Babylon itself.

Because of the apostatizing of the leadership of the modern Christian congregation, the whole congregation has gone into captivity. They would not repent by discarding false teachings but compounded the sin by continuing to require other to teach lies. And everyone that has preached these false teachings, even if in ignorance, are guilty.

The word ‘apostasy’ has been hurled about a lot lately. So, what does it really mean? Since we apply it to spiritual matters, aren’t Jehovah and His word the best source to ask? The term the word apostasy is derived from was first applied to a turning away from Jehovah and one going their own way (see Jeremiah 8:5). The original term was used at Jeremiah 14:7 describing the sin that accused the people, was their “turning away from you many times”. Again we hear Jehovah himself saying at Jeremiah 2:19,

“Your own evil will punish you, and your turn from me will condemn you. You will learn how bitter and wrong it is to abandon me, the Lord your God and no longer remain faithful to me. I, the Sovereign Lord Almighty have spoken” (GNT)

Quoting Holman Bible Dictionary under ‘Apostasy’, “The basic narrative of Judges, Samuel, Kings is that Israel fell away from God, choosing selfish ways rather than His ways. Involves doctrinal deception, moral insensitivity, and ethical departures from God’s truth.”

This required that the apostasy be at the highest level occupied by man. Looking at the apostatizing set to be occurring at this time, should one expect it would involve the highest earthly officials today? With just a bit of reasoning this can be answered Scripturally. According to Jesus’ prophetic words at John 16:2, some would be expelled from the synagogue on account of His name and it would be a test of their faith. Well let’s reason: Can you as a congregation member expel another member of the congregation? No, that requires authority. Jesus words must be therefore speaking of a group that has authority in the congregation to expel. That narrows it down sufficiently because the only group that has that kind of authority is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, its leaders, and subordinate officers. Headed by the “governing body”, they have attempted to spiritually kill their fellow Christians because of their faithfulness in Jehovah, Jesus, and Holy Scripture. They attempt to do this by unrighteously disfellowshiping them on false accusation of apostasy. Wasn’t Jesus falsely accused of apostatizing?

Do they really believe that the mere acts of men will mandate that the Lord Jesus remove Divine covering from that person, exposing him to demon attack? It sounds as if they believe they can put a ‘spell’ on someone who resist them and then sic their demons to attack. The demons may do your bidding, but you do not tell Jehovah God or Jesus Christ what to do and you do not control the fate of the children of God.

It was physical Israel that was first branded ‘apostate’. In each occurrence of their apostatizing it involved every strata of the nation’s population. Most significantly, was the active and passive participation of anointed Priest, Prophets, and Kings. In the case of Ezekiel, as we have been examining, it was the most esteem anointed and appointed leaders who were involved in the most egregious sins against Jehovah. This should dismiss any misconception some have that as long as you do what the leaders tell you, you’ll be all right with Jehovah. Has that ever been the case? Didn’t God punish them as He was punishing their leaders? Remember Jehovah states, “Each one will be judged according to their own deeds“. We are responsible for our own deeds. Those who receive the mark of the beast and its image will receive the same judgement as the False Prophet, The Harlot, and the beast. That is clear in Scripture.

And yet today Jehovah’s Witnesses have adopted some new, definition of this word that is completely foreign to the original, God-given definition of apostasy. According to the teaching they accept and live by, an apostate is anyone who does not support and obey the dictates of the Watchtower organization leadership.

We need to examine something very important that has changed over the last 30 years. It has to do with baptism. The Bible teaches that the earliest disciples were baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus himself gave this instruction and Jehovah’s Witnesses use this Scripture all the time. But they only see the part about the commission to preach the good news. They obviously can’t read His command to …”baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and teach them to obey all the things I have commanded you”(Matthew 28:19). Baptism is a sacred bonding sealed in Heaven (the act of dedication and baptism) and nothing should be or can be added to it without voiding it. It is a contract with God.

Contrary to this knowledge, in 1984 the Watchtower changed the questions baptismal candidates were asked prior to baptism to include a question that requires the candidate to vow of acceptance of the Watchtower as Jehovah’s only channel on Earth. They insert themselves between Christ Jesus and his disciple. Since this change, all that have been baptized with this added question have sworn allegiance to Jesus Christ and at the same time sworn an oath to something else. That is not a pure unadulterated dedication to Jehovah. Adding these words was clearly stepping way outside Christ’ command given.

The largest part of the group seems to be the ones that provide the popular support of the new human definition of apostasy. They are quite happy living up to what they dedicated themselves to. Jehovah is not. They would rather betray both God and Christ than to stand up and address this issue and make it right. They aid those who continue to suppress the truth and allow themselves to be used to persecute the true Christian congregation. They present themselves ritualistically with an appearance of godly devotion. But a more critical and less superficial examination reveals that it is not founded on the source of true godly devotion. As Paul warned Timothy, “it proves false to its source” (2 Timothy 3:5). True Godly devotion can only be rendered through and in obedience to Lord Jesus Christ and the operation of the Holy Spirit. Any deviation makes one’s efforts a meaningless ritual to go through because it is meaningless to Him.

Anyone who has studied human conditioning and social group interaction, knows the value of the ‘labeling’ process for the ‘in’ group and the effects it has on the person(s) to be marginalized; then excluded as an ‘out’ group. We see this tactic employed across the broad spectrum of social interaction. The word ‘apostasy’ has become an effective label to use to control the spiritually blind. They do not even care if the use of the term is accurate anymore than a bigot cares if an ethnic or racial slur is valid. It is what they want to believe.

Jesus himself said concerning Jerusalem that they were the “Killers of the prophets”.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones God’s messengers! How often I wanted to gather your children as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings, but you wouldn’t let me.” Luke 13:34 (New Living Translation)

It wasn’t the foreign nations that rejected the prophets, had them sawn into, decapitated, stoned, and crucified by gentiles. It was the covenant people of God and their leaders. The Revelation presents a seeming paradox. Let’s examine the Lord’s word to John found in Revelation 18:24 (NIV). These words are spoken of concerning not Jerusalem, but Babylon the Great City.

“In her was found the blood of the prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on earth.”

This city, also called the Great Whore or Harlot, must depict something in connection with apostate Jerusalem. It is the same speaker, Lord Jesus, in both instances. And since the Revelation is concerning the “last days”, it exists today. It poses such an unsavory thought that most current members of Jehovah’s Witnesses will not accept it. And sadly, some have come to realize the extent to which they have been betrayed and have come to the realization that they are associated with the monstrous “unclean thing” (two-horned wild beast and its image) and as a result of the shock have committed suicide. That is how real all of this is. The Watchtower organization and its continued adherents seem not to care at all about the misery and death that has occurred because of the Watchtower’s false doctrines. This reflects the attitude mention in the Holman Dictionary we discussed earlier. The Great Harlot is in the pattern of ‘adulterers’ of the Scriptures. Jehovah used this expression to describe those who broke the covenant with Him because it was like a wife breaking her marital bond (Scripturally, women often signify covenants). Jehovah called Israel an adulterating ‘whore’. He described both the two-tribe kingdom of Judah and the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel in terms of two whorish sisters that slept with everybody. Strange whores who paid their lovers instead of what normally happens in prostitution. And this is but one of many examples in Scripture of what Jehovah calls harlotry. The harlot is unfaithful to her Husbandly owner and the bond they have. Betrayal is at the heart of this as it has been through all history we know. This betrayal is manifest today by the leaders of the congregation and their army of spiritually gentile overseers.

Some understanding as to why both apostate Jerusalem and Great Babylon are the same in the Lord’s view is found in a mysterious vision the prophet Zechariah saw by Holy Spirit. You can read it directly from Scripture at Zechariah 5:1-11. (NIV)

“Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and said to me, “Look up and see what is appearing”.

I asked, “What is it.” He replied, “It is a basket.” And he added, “This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.”

Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! He said, “This is wickedness” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it.

Then I looked up – And there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings! They had wings like those of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between heaven and earth.

“Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel who was speaking to me.

He replied, “To the country of Babylonia to build a house for it. When the house is ready, the basket will be set there in its place” (GNT “to be worshiped”).

Notice that the basket represented the sin of the nation. And what was in the basket? There was found wickedness. Obviously the lead lid was secured to insure that what was in the basket would not escape to roam and engulf everything; so it refers to containment. The basket was Israel’s sin and its wickedness that were to be carried off to Babylonia where there it becomes, not an object of contempt nor condemnation, an object of adoration and a temple would be built for it. We see the ultimate daughter of Babylonian harlotry combined with the ultimate daughter of harlotries against Almighty God in the same place as well today. It was most appropriate for Jesus to use them synonymously.

The prophet Zechariah saw deep into the future to the last days. Today, what used to be a source of drawing people to God and Christ (as you might remember Jerusalem was to be a shining light for the nations upon a mountain), has become the foremost of the daughters of Babylon the Great. When referring to Babylon in the Revelation, Jesus is not referring to a group outside the congregation. They outside are in no position to betray an oath binding them to God. There is none God recognizes. This has to refer to the adulterousness of someone in a wife-like a covenant. These would be the modern-day Oholah and Oholibah who picture the ten-tribe and the two-tribe kingdoms of Israel. These one have prostituted themselves to the rulers of this world; mostly in secret like the behavior of the leader of Israel Ezekiel saw in the vision Jehovah gave him; worshiping demons in secret. And they (Satan’s Beast) have been granted their power, including the demonic, with the thought of destroying the true chosen by Christ Jesus. The most important reason for the existence of this massive facade is to fool the holy ones. It has been largely successful.

We are in the time of the Final Rebellion. It should be no wonder that Satan is employing his most devious of deceptions. The Book of Revelation tells that Satan desires most importantly to deceive the chosen ones. He is using the entire world and his demons to achieve his aim. He makes things appear to be opposite of what they truly are. What looks like Jerusalem is really Babylon. What appears to be an organization purely pursuing Christian goals is really an organization teaching more than anything else, godless apostasy and teaching God’s children to practice what He has forbidden. And they are a stumbling block to the nations, failing to be the light to spiritual Gentiles God intended them to be. They teach them to eat things sacrifice to demons and to touch and eat blood. The Watchtower leaders prepare a meal of Gospel truths laced with demon inspired expressions. Those looking through the haze of the demonic mind, see what looks like the path to the Kingdom of God; it is in reality, the pathway to the lake of fire. Only by Divine power through Jesus is one able to see, as He removes the scales from the eyes, heart, and mind. There is only one ‘Door’.

Those Ezekiel was sent to, had been yielding over gradually (probably imperceptible to them) to demonic thinking. They kept resisting Jehovah. What other alternative could result? They became more and more spiritually, mentally, and morally blind as they obstinately renegaded in disobedience to God’s authority and instruction. They at some point could no longer distinguish the truth from a lie. Today, there are millions in this self-induced, self-willed condition. In such, they are like those angels the Bible speaks of whom are held in bonds of dense darkness being held for the Day of Judgement. Because of rejecting the laws of Jehovah and becoming a law onto themselves, they are the “man of lawlessness”. They bear the mark of the beast and have bowed down to its image; Scripture speaks of no redemption from bearing this mark.

One thing the Watchtower teachers cannot explain is their applying the exodus of people from Babylon as applying to ‘worldly’ people leaving their old religions and joining Jehovah’s Witness. How could this be? Those leaving ancient Babylon were people who had a covenant relationship with Jehovah that then went into exile and were freed. The “getting out of her” today must be directed to a like group and also have the same implications. Great Babylon and freedom from her has to do with God’s covenant people and their sins. It is not about a group that has never had a covenant with God. Because Jehovah’s Witnesses have chosen to take upon themselves the bearing His name, they have a covenant obligation to carry it to the standard of He who bears the name. It is the most serious of responsibility a human can have. It is upon this that they will be judged.

I can only imagine how exasperated Jehovah’s prophets must have become; repeatedly being sent to speak to a group they knew were not turning back. As a normal human, he may have thought, “They deserve it! Let them have it!” But it is not about the will of the messenger is it? How good of a messenger could you possibly be if you were not able to remember that you work for someone else and remain focused on your task? What if you were unable to keep your personal feelings from obscuring things? Jehovah told Ezekiel to speak all His words, whether they listen or not. We are impatient; Jehovah is not. Lord Jesus today as well will keep sending his messengers for the appointed time period set in Heaven.

Certainly, the Holy Father Jehovah’s mercy and undeserved kindness have flowed in abundance since the beginning of this nightmare in Eden. Even though man has not deserved any favor, He has kept restraining His wrath and keptsending His servants the prophets with warnings to repent, turn around, and be saved. Almighty God did not spare Himself in His acts of loving-kindness. He sent His only son to suffer and die and in doing so also provided the greatest prophet that ever lived. He has sent His messengers over and over again giving ample time for a repentant heart to be moved to deeds of repentance and true godly devotion. The time of pronouncement is at its end. The Day of Distress is at hand. Very soon the ‘Door’ to salvation will close and seal. After that, all the regrets, crying, and displays of acrimony will not change a thing. (Revelation 14:9-11)

Our God and Father Jehovah and our honorable High Priest and Lord Jesus Christ, particularly over the last ten to twelve years, have been ‘waking’ those from the slumber that are being called to salvation. Those who have shared in this marvelous message delivery work are thankful for the honor and privilege to be in service to the Lord. We exert ourselves, not for our sake, but for the sake of those who heed the warnings God has given. Our persistence is for the same reason Ezekiel remained persistent. As a watchman, Ezekiel life did not depend on the messages he delivered being accepted. As long has he fulfilled his commission he was good. Stubborn resistance only kills stubborn resistor. Just as they refused to obey Almighty God, so does apostate Israel and Judah today. They refuse to turn around and stop worshiping false gods and stop bowing down to images. They reject teaching from God’s word the Holy Scriptures and refuse to stop the teaching of misinterpretations and lies. They refuse to humble themselves and accept the messengers of Christ that he sends, and choose to take counsel with demons and demonized men, women, and children. In Ezekiel’s time remember what Scripture says about the leader of Jerusalem were thinking? “Jehovah does not see us! He has left the land.” Today the apostate leader of the Watchtower are speaking and acting as if Jesus does not really exist and can see them. In fact they mention obedience to Christ less and less.

The parallels are unmistakable. The pattern shown in The Bible is playing out. We need to constantly examine the Scriptures while praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pay attention to the messages Christ is sending through the true anointed body. Your salvation will require adequate action on your part (Revelation 2:3). God’s word explains your personal obligation to God the same way He has always laid it out up front for any coming into a covenant relationship with Him.

At some point in time this warning call will cease. Heed the warning!

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The Last Will and Testament of Charles Taze Russell

(Left) Charles T. Russell (Right) Joseph F. Rutherford

The following is the actual Will and Testament of Charles Taze Russell.

The document shows how Charles Taze Russell still the Watchtower Organization and thusly the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The only alteration that has been made are the comments that have been printed ‘bold’that you will see in the second paragraph. Those sentences point to the source of my comments on the entry “Face of the Great Apostasy” regarding C T Russell’s continuing legacy and influence on the Watchtower organization today.

If Watchtower publications and policy have to be conducted in accordance to the wishes of Mr. Russell, what chance is there for admission of false teaching? What chance is there for Christ correction?

Charles Taze Russell founder of the Watchtower Society

Will and Testament of Charles Taze Russell

Having at various times during past years donated to the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY all of my personal possessions except a small personal bank account of approximately two hundred dollars, in the Exchange National Bank of Pittsburgh, which will properly be paid over to my wife if she survives me, I have merely love and Christian good wishes to leave to all of the dear members of the Bible House Family—and all other dear colaborers in the Harvest work—yea, for all of the household of faith in every place who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus as their Redeemer.

However, in view of the fact that in donating the journal ZION’S WATCH TOWER, the OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY and the copyrights of the MILLENNIAL DAWN SCRIPTURE STUDIES Books and various other booklets, hymn-books, etc., to the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY, I did so with the explicit understanding that I should have full control of all the interests of these publications during my life time, and that after my decease they should be conducted according to my wishes. I now herewith set forth the said wishes—my will respecting the same—as follows:

I direct that the entire editorial charge of ZION’S WATCH TOWER shall be in the hands of a committee of five brethren whom I exhort to great carefulness and fidelity to the Truth. All articles appearing in the columns of ZION’S WATCH TOWER shall have the unqualified approval of at least three of the committee of five, and I urge that if any matter approved by three be known or supposed to be contrary to the views of one or both of the other members of the committee, such articles shall be held over for thought, prayer and discussion for three months before being published—that so far as possible the unity of the faith and the bonds of peace may be maintained in the Editorial management of the journal.

The names of the Editorial Committee (with such changes as may from time to time occur) shall all be published in each number of the journal—but it shall not in any manner be indicated by whom the various articles appearing in the journal are written. It will be sufficient that the fact be recognized that the articles are approved by the majority of the committee.

As the Society is already pledged to me that it will publish no other periodicals, it shall also be required that the Editorial Committee shall write for or be connected with no other publications in any manner or degree. My object in these requirements is to safeguard the committee and the journal from any spirit of ambition or pride or headship and that the Truth may be recognized and appreciated for its own worth, and that the Lord may more particularly be recognized as the Head of the Church and the Fountain of Truth.

Copies of my Sunday discourses published in the daily newspapers covering a period of several years have been preserved and may be used as editorial matter for The WATCH TOWER or not, as the committee may think best, but my name shall not be attached nor any indication whatever given respecting the authorship.

Those named below as members of the Editorial Committee (subject to their acceptance) are supposed by me to be thoroughly loyal to the doctrines of the Scriptures— especially so to the doctrine of the Ransom—that there is no acceptance with God and no salvation to eternal life except through faith in Christ and obedience to His Word and its spirit. If any of the designated ones shall at any time find themselves out of harmony with this provision they will be violating their consciences and hence committing sin if they continue to remain members of this Editorial Committee— knowing that so to do would be contrary to the spirit and intention of this provision.

The Editorial Committee is self-perpetuating, in that should one of these members die or resign, it will be the duty of the remainder to elect his successor, that the journal may never have an issue without a full Editorial Committee of five. I enjoin upon the committee named great caution in respect to the election of others to their number—that purity of life, clearness in the Truth, zeal for God, love for the brethren and faithfulness to the Redeemer shall be prominent characteristics of the one elected. In addition to the five named for the committee I have named five others from whom I prefer that selection should be made for any vacancies in the Editorial Committee, before going outside for a general selection—unless in the interim, between the making of this Will and the time of my death, something should occur which would seem to indicate these as less desirable or others more desirable for filling the vacancies mentioned. The names of the Editorial Committee are as follows:

The names of the five whom I suggest as possibly amongst the most suitable from which to fill vacancies in the Editorial Committee are as follows: A. E. Burgess, Robert Hirsh Isaac Hoskins, Geo. H. Fisher (Scranton), J. F. Rutherford Dr. John Edgar.
The following announcement shall appear in each issue of THE WATCH TOWER, followed by the names of the Editorial Committee:

This journal is published under the supervision of an Editorial Committee, at least three of whom must have read and have approved as TRUTH each and every article appearing in these columns. The names of the Committee now serving are: (names to follow.)

As for compensation, I think it wise to maintain the Society’s course of the past in respect to salaries—that none be paid; that merely reasonable expenses be allowed to those who serve the Society or its work in any manner. In harmony with the course of the Society, I suggest that the provision for the Editorial Committee, or the three that shall be actively engaged, shall consist of not more than a provision for their food and shelter and ten dollars per month with such a moderate allowance for wife or children or others dependent upon them for support as the Society’s Board of Directors shall consider proper, just, reasonable— that no provision be made for the laying up of money.

I desire that the OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY continue to appear as at present, so far as the opportunities for distribution and the laws of the land will permit, and that its issues shall consist of reprints from the old issues of THE WATCH TOWER or extracts from my discourses, but that no name shall appear in connection with the matter unless the same is required by law.

It is my wish that the same rules apply to the German the French, the Italian, the Danish and the Swedish or any other foreign publications controlled or supported by the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY.

I will that a copy of this paper be sent to each one whose name has appeared above as of the Editorial Committee or the list from whom others of that committee may be chosen to fill vacancies and also to each member of the Board of Directors of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY. This shall be done immediately on my death being reported so that within a week, if possible, the persons named as of the Editorial Committee may be heard from, their communications being addressed to the Vice-President of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY—whoever may be holding that office at that time. The answers of those appointed shall be to the point, indicating their acceptance or rejection of the provisions and terms specified. A reasonable time shall be allowed for any one mentioned who may be absent from the city or from the country. Meantime the remainder of the committee of at least three shall proceed to act in their capacity as editors. It shall be the duty of the officers of the Society to provide the necessary arrangements for these members of the Editorial Committee and to assist them in their duties in every possible manner, in compliance with the engagements made with me bearing on this matter.

I have already donated to the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY all my voting shares therein, putting the same in the hands of five Trustees, as follows: Sr. E. Louise Hamilton Sr. Almeta M. Nation Robison, Sr. J. G. Herr, Sr. C. Tomlins, Sr. Alice G. James.
These Trustees shall serve for life. In event of deaths or resignations successors shall be chosen by the WATCH TOWER SOCIETY Directors and Editorial Committee and the remaining Trustees after prayer for Divine guidance.

I now provide for the impeachment and dismissal from the Editorial Committee of any member thereof found to be unworthy the position by reason of either doctrinal or moral laches, as follows:
At least three of the Board must unite in bringing the impeachment charges, and the Board of Judgment in the matter shall consist of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY’S trustees and the five trustees controlling my voting shares and the Editorial Committee, excepting the accused. Of these sixteen members at least thirteen must favor the impeachment and dismissal in order to effect the same.

I desire to be buried in the plot of ground owned by our Society, in the Rosemont United Cemetery, and all the details of arrangements respecting the funeral service I leave in the care of my sister, Mrs. M. M. Land, and her daughters Alice and May, or such of them as may survive me, with the assistance and advice and cooperation of the brethren as they may request the same. Instead of an ordinary funeral discourse, I request that they arrange to have a number of the brethren, accustomed to public speaking, make a few remarks each, that the service be very simple and inexpensive and that it be conducted in the Bible House Chapel or any other place that may be considered equally appropriate or more so.

To the dear “Bethel” family collectively and individually I leave my best wishes, in hoping for them of the Lord His blessing, which maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. The same I extend in a still broader sweep to all the family of the Lord in every place—especially to those rejoicing in the Harvest Truth. I entreat you all that you continue to progress and to grow in grace, in knowledge, and above all in love, the great fruit of the Spirit in its various diversified forms. I exhort to meekness, not only with the world, but with one another; to patience with one another and with all men, to gentleness with all, to brotherly kindness, to godliness to purity. I remind you that all these things are necessary for us, necessary that we may attain the promised Kingdom, and that the Apostle has assured us that if we do these things we shall never fail, but that “so an entrance shall be ministered unto us abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

It is my wish that this my last Will and Testament be published in the issue of THE WATCH TOWER following my death.

My hope for myself, as for all the dear Israel of God is that soon we shall meet to part no more, in the First Resurrection, in the Master’s presence, where there is fulness of joy forevermore. We shall be satisfied when we awake in His likeness—
“Changed from glory unto glory.” (Signed)

Appeared in Zion’s Watch Tower, VOL. XXXVII December 1 No. 23
A. D. 1916
End of will

The following is offered as insight into the reaction of the congregation to this news.

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During his return from a ministerial tour of the western and southwestern United States, the already ill Pastor Charles Taze Russell died from the result of multiple ailments on the night of October 31, 1916 in a train car as it approached Pampa, Texas.

Joseph Franklin Rutherford was success fully elected second President of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.
Joseph Franklin Rutherford was success fully elected second President of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

On January 6, 1917, Joseph Franklin Rutherford was success fully elected second President of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society despite a series of disputes over the election process. New by-laws were passed at the same meeting that strengthened the President’s authority. Initially, the board of directors for the Watch Tower Society accepted this change, but four of the board members withdrew their support. Further disputes arose over interpretation of sections in the Will and Testament of Charles Taze Russell dealing with the future contents of Zion’s Watch Tower magazine, as well as who, if any, had authority to print new literature.

The June 20, 1917 meeting of the full board of directors tabled for one month a proposal to return control of the Society to the board,but Rutherford prevented their attempt. Matters came to a head on July 17, 1917 when the book The Finished Mystery was published. Rutherford announced that he was dismissing the four directors and was replacing them with new members. Dissension and schisms ensued in congregations worldwide as a result of these events, and of the consequences of new predictions made for the years 1918, 1920 and 1925.

Those remaining loyal to Rutherford, however, eventually adopted the new name Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1931, and changed the name of the Society from Watch Tower to Watchtower. As their numbers began to grow, Rutherford sought to change the organizational structure of the Watchtower Society, shifting the long-held independence of the congregations, to a more centralized role, where elders began to be chosen by the Society, instead of by the local congregations. Many of those Bible Students who had ceased association with the changing Watchtower Society attempted to regroup in 1929 with the First Annual Bible Students Convention held in the old Pittsburgh “Bible House” long used by Pastor Russell.
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The Watchtower is legally inextricably obligated the wishes of Charles Taze Russell even after death!

Why isn’t that in the Kingdom Proclaimers book? Isn’t that something you should have been told?

Let Us Reason

The Watchtower organization has characterized anointed members of the body of Christ as “insane” and “mentally diseased” because they will not bow down to them as the “exclusive channel of Divine authority”. And also because they refuse to continue to parrot lies in the their behalf.

What they are doing is a good example of the clever use of words to induce prejudice without thought. It is very effective on those who do not weigh matters in a critical thought process. A reasonable person would see if the words ‘fit’. Often labeling someone first serves to deflect attention and scrutiny from the one using the label.

Let’s reason on what behaviors are more apt to be an indication of bizarre thinking. Let’s examine the organizations structure.

Those truly a part of the body of Christ are endowed through the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit through Lord Jesus Christ. Scripture teaches that these ones receive gifts by means of Holy Spirit and are in fact taught by Holy Spirit. Scripture also tells us that these are being groomed to serve as under priest in the Heavenly government of the coming Kingdom administration. They will be the means by which Christ will administer his teaching and leadership.

Not many Jehovah’s Witnesses fail to understand this. These anointed brothers of Jesus are the very ones to lead and teach. And yet, the Watchtower has these anointed ones being ‘taught’ and ‘lead’ by an army of uncircumcised, spiritual gentiles who through their own admission have not received anointing by Heaven of the Holy Spirit. They do not consult the body of anointed followers in any way when making decisions or with reference to teaching.

How can a reasonable mind make sense of this? It appears inverted and backward. It is.

It’s like the students teaching the teacher.

It’s like a blind man guiding the one with sight.

This fits well within demonic reasoning; but is inverse.

The same members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who gulp down and accept this paradox, are the same ones who are throwing stones by labeling those who will not accept this as ‘insane’ and ‘apostate’.

Obviously, to a sane person, there is good reason to reject the Watchtower’s structure and teachings. Joshua was clear on Whose Will we must serve:

Joshua 24 verse 15

The Watchtower should keep alert and watching. Who it is that is suffering from “babylonian insanity” is about to be proven. What they do is a result of it.

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Finally: Adam and Eve are About to Die!


But wait! Didn’t they die thousands of years ago? The flesh of them did indeed. But their spirit which constituted all of their wickedness and unrighteousness that was produced from original sin has lived, to some degree, in all of their descendants. If you want to know what to beware of,the danger that lurks within you, you must examine the happenings in the Garden and the manifested inclinations and actions of the three actors against God. We are six thousand years saturated in filthy, death-dealing, corrupting sin. The war is within ourselves: where Satan, Eve, Adam; to some extent exist within all corrupt human flesh they have beget up to this very day. Everyone

The one who fell from the love of Jehovah and His righteousness and made himself the adversary of the One who lives forever, received that ‘thing’ that persons such as he is cannot bear; humiliation. He was and still is conceited and loves so much being admired. Jehovah made him more beautiful than his brothers. For him it became a means for his self-adoration and glorification. A character such as this, full of self-worship, was headed for a fall. Upon his chastisement his countenance fell. Storming out, he set his mind to inflict pain on the Most High and somehow wreck His plan by creating a situation in which God would reverse Himself and make some false step.

Those who are truly anointed with Jehovah’s Holy Spirit understand, to a degree of God’s choosing, the nature of the Supreme Court of the Heavens and the affairs before it. Christ has a full body. Our affairs are also being judged before that Court. If you are not gifted so, then you should listen.

The fallen angel was the covering cherub in Eden and polluted his sanctuary by abusing his trusted office to do exactly opposite of what he was sworn to do. He spied out Eve and studied her characteristics in detail as he does this with us today. He spied out Adam as well; but at some point realized that he could not subvert him directly. The first alliance had to be with Eve. This was not the start of sin in the Renegade. He had begun before, in Heaven, to use his wisdom for cleverness; that is using knowledge of truth and an opponent’s lack of that knowledge or the capability to effectively use such knowledge to argue and stand fast for righteousness.

The devil did not deceive Eve in the sense that she was somehow tricked against her will. Eve did not like the fact that she was not in charge of anything; she had no rulership or dominion of her own. She also coveted stature; she wanted to be adored; the focal point of attention. She wanted mystical power. Eve was deceived into believing that she was going to be a ‘goddess’. She was not deceived in the sense that she was naïve as to the exact nature of her disobedience to the divine command. She was corrupted by means of her vanity and her covetousness for what was not hers. In a spiritual sense, Eve became the possession of another husbandly owner when she threw aside the headship of her God ordained owner and went in league with the devil. Eve was the first of the harlots in the most important spiritual sense and it is her personality the Greatest Harlot embodies. She was the first woman for hire. Any honor for Adam must have left her now diseased heart immediately.

Right now, think about the person or persons you are most fond of. Look at them and ask yourself, “Would I poison myself and then goes some considerable distance away to bring it to bring that poison to them in order to kill that one as well? And the effect of eating that forbidden fruit has been just as death-dealing as eating literal poison. Love for Adam had left Eve. Since reason would dictate that they probably didn’t build their habitat in close proximity to the death-dealing tree, Eve must have journeyed some distance to meet up with Adam. She had ample time to think about what she was doing. Her mind must have yielded itself over to its completeness of selfish craving. We do not know all that was promised to Eve as they conspired to corrupt Adam. Certainly many expectations for today lay rooted therein. Eve at that point had at least committed spiritual adultery and had a new master. Nevertheless, the scene now shifts to another location.

Adam was most fond of his Eve. She enamored him. The Wicked One saw this as exploitable against Adam; he also saw Adam’s love as a weakness. Remember what he said concerning Job? “Skin in behalf of skin”. Adam was no doubt in a panic as the Dark angel employs masterfully to stampede people into rash ill-conceived responses. Adam made his horrific blunder. He should never have thought. He should have simply cried out for help. It was not as if Jehovah God and Jesus were off distracted, doing something else. They were right there watching. But he did not ask for his Father’s help. Free moral agent Adam chose to create his own response and he did. In reality he was relegated to third in the newly formed ‘kingdom’ in opposition to Jehovah.

So began his being yielded over to the sin of his; indecision being easily manipulated by his wife, and most importantly showing more love for the creation rather than the Creator. If he had resisted, it may have may have fallen to him to act as high priest and destroy her. Such like concerns were effectively used to induce Adam into to thinking on his own.

But wait! If they could make a frantic dash to the Tree of Life they could eat of it and live on! And then, Jehovah’s word could not occur and that paradox would make The Almighty stumble. Remember the Renegade is attempting to use the destruction of humankind in a larger scheme to create a fault against the Holy One. And so off they run in that direction but were stopped short of the crowning piece of their rebellion. Many today will attempt to make a mad-dash toward escaping through the kingdom door. It will no more succeed today than it did in the garden. Christ Jesus, the Faithful Witness, is sifting everything from Heaven. Deceiving human eyes and minds are of no consequence. They who try will all pull up short just as Adam and Eve; not quite getting there.

Hear: Nothing escapes Almighty God’s notice. He knows the beginning and end of all things. While we are not predestined to a particular path, Jehovah knows your end and sum total notwithstanding your use of your free moral agency to make your own choices in life. Jehovah knew eons ago that His most valuable possession’s life would have to be forfeited to offset this very occurrence. See how quickly immortality was conferred upon Jesus upon his ascension after he successfully carried out his Holy duties upon Earth and was resurrected? For literally untold of ages, Almighty God knew that if He had given Jesus immortality away back then that there would have been no one who could have had the legitimacy before the court to serve the role that only Jesus could have fulfilled. Only Jesus was a firstborn of at least equal value to Adam. Lost in Adam were all rights of the firstborn. In Jesus’ case, he as firstborn is of incomparably superior value; but he was the only option that would satisfy this critical matter in the repurchase. This is how far ahead and to what detail the Father knows what the future is bringing. The Heavenly Father knows everything. Almighty God had a remedy for the fallen cherub and Adam and Eve before any of them had ever been!

Adam’s and Eve’s lasting legacy are the traits describe above. Their flesh is long gone. But what remains are these condemning characteristics and the unknown things promised to wicked Eve. A shortlist would included, but would not be exclusive to: Narcissistic arrogance, ill-tempered mental dispositions, flawed thought processes, relying on humanistic reasoning and power rather that God’s, uncontrollable desire for what is not righteous and wicked, an insistence on what is immoral and ungodly, and a lack of desire or the will to follow Jehovah God by giving Him exclusive devotion and obedience on His terms.

Their sinful nature is what we are 6,000 years bathed in. It is no easy accomplishment to sufficiently according to our Holy Father’s standard, to come back from all of that and walk toward Him. Constantly examine yourself for even a small indication that you are living out these wicked traits. See how they dominate the world to its destruction?

Husbands should perform their divinely constituted role as it is an obligation you will answer to before God almighty through the lord Jesus Christ. It is not a matter of “out-dated” versus “modern” thinking. It is a matter of conforming to Jehovah’s standards which He establishes and that don’t change with the times.

Wives, are you behaving more like the Eve spawned feminist-minded women of this dying world? Or are you imitating the admirable, faithful, and obedient women mentioned in the Scriptures in ancient times? Are you seeking to “flip the script”? Are you setting the proper examples before the congregation today, particularly for the younger women? Better is it for a wife to have a ‘manly’ rather than an ’emasculated’ husbandly head. It will require the former to stand between you and those who want to do you and yours injury. Not that any man can guarantee salvation for himself or anyone else. But, it is easier to give one’s life for love than it is for duty alone. Sister’s are you satisfied with the role God has assigned to you as females? In the Heavens there are creatures who expressly serve the needs of other fellow spirit creatures and there are subordinate roles to others. Yet, they are extremely satisfied and most fulfilled. Not all spirit creatures have the same abilities or authority. That renegade angel wasn’t satisfied; neither was Eve. He saw himself in Eve; a fellow renegade seeking what did not belong to them.

It makes you wonder, “What was she thinking!” If this indeed would make her capable of challenging Jehovah’s almightiness; why would he risk it by planting a tree he did not have to put there at all to begin with? But she was all worked up on the idea of prestige and power that she obviously wasn’t paying attention to the finer, more important details. Eve is to some degree as mentioned before in all humans as Adam is.

Males! Brothers! Are you satisfied with the role God has assigned to you? Then do not pollute your sanctuary as the Dead One, Satan did. Perform your entrusted duties in a righteous way. Show tenderness; but stand fast with the truth. Do not let your family become a democracy or attempt to govern it in absentia. Have you allowed yourself to be reduced to a mere utility? Are you more concerned about being “politically correct” in these modern times than you are about obedience to Jehovah? Shepherd those of your household as Jesus would do if he had is own fleshly family. In reality he does since he adopted you. See how he practices headship and follow. There are some matters on which there can be no compromise; these are obligations to Jehovah. It should not be your concern husband to be popular; that is the currying of favor to be your main objective. Nor should your physical desires dominate you as they did Adam. Many decisions you will have to make will not be easy and must be made soberly. But your answer will provide a test of your unwavering commitment and obedience to the good and acceptable will of the Father. It may also save any souls who remain obedient to you. Do not abandon Jehovah to go chasing after anyone!

Do you allow yourself to think when you should not? How so? By giving yourself pause to debate something in which Jehovah’s thought is clearly evident. The one that went off into the fire of Jehovah’s anger should have taken his chastisement as an opportunity to reflect on what was so wrong about him that would invoke such a stiff and open-to-be-seen rebuking. No, rather he focused on how bad he must have appeared to everyone else; overlooking the fact that the rebuke was righteous and that he had brought it upon himself. He chose to question God’s authority. He started harboring ill feelings just as Cain did later. In that corrupt frame of mind he went off to become a murderer for he knew full well he was murdering the human family.

To what extent will are you willing to go to in order to avoid proper contrition before Jehovah? Do you have the humility to bear your shame? Can you cast your self-concerns and vanity aside? We will all be measured here.

Sisters, do you allow yourself to think in ways that is contrary to God’s will? Do you covet what does not belong to you? We live in a world where seemingly everyone craves to be worshipped in some way. Once, one elder said while giving a talk at a Kingdom Hall, “I put my wife on a pedestal!” Sad, but this is true. What could he have been thinking? I could only speculate that, in this way, he was attempting to ingratiate himself with his wife and maybe other women. He was not thinking of ingratiating himself with Lord Jesus. The very thought of the word ‘pedestal‘ should have caused a gag reflex in this man! It did not. Do you want to be admired or adored? If so, Eve’s spirit will find some fertile soil in you and others will pay the price for the adoration they give you. Adoration belongs exclusively to God Almighty. Husband if your wife rules over you and you lack the fortitude to stand against it, Adam’s retreating spirit is working in full-effect on you. Do not fail your heavenly Father as Adam did and love the creation more than Him. Trust Jehovah! Adam had many ribs. There is only one God and Father. What Jehovah wants you to have, you will have. But if you try to hang on to what you have in opposition to His will, you will lose both those things and your life!

In these days the child that is on his or her way back to Jehovah, where the spirit in them originates, must be aware of what they are about to witness and be to some degree subjected to. If you are to be counted worthy to advance beyond this Day, you will without fail be tested out thoroughly in regard to whether or not your worship of Jehovah is clean of heart, clean of mind, and exclusive. What you are about to face will not only include physical events. It will include physical manifestations of spiritual events. At times the events will cross between the two. During the depth of the tribulation you will fight with one foot in the world you are familiar with and in which your senses are capable of serving you well. But, the other foot will be in a world in which these bodily senses will mean absolutely nothing. They are not meant for that realm. There will be a collision of the spirit and physical world! With panic-producing sights and activities the Devil will try to stampede you into leaning on your on reasoning capability to secure salvation just as he did with Adam. Will you cry out to Jehovah and then wait on him?

That may be your test of faith. Do you allow yourself to think when you should not? If you come to a fork in the road, and you don’t know which way to go, what should you do? Do nothing because you don’t know which is the correct choice. Anything you do would be a guess since you don’t know which way to go. Remain there and pray to Jehovah until he makes clear to you what you should do. It is true that Jehovah has the means, if he should choose to do so, to bring you to salvation if you did decide to make a go of it on your own. There have been some of his servants that have behaved rather bull-headed and for some reason Jehovah did not hold this against them. Do you want to test Jehovah? If you by your choices keep dangling over the edge of a cliff, are you sure He is going to ‘come running’ so as to save you from yourself? Did He with Adam or Eve? No

The reason why Adam and Eve’s nakedness became seen by them as something revealing must be left to future education. However,this was the scene of the second of three known act of immorality. The first was the fallen angel’s leaving his Husbandly Owner and Master. The second was Eve’s choosing to obey another master other than her husbandly owner Adam and the Father. For as Scripture reveals, Adam had laid upon Eve the commands God had spoken. The third and cinching act was that of Adam’s abandonment of Jehovah in a shameful and cowardly act of thankless disloyalty. Will you let anyone lead you astray today?

When a person obeys Satan, he becomes that person’s owner. Eve had effectively usurped her husband’s God-given role to make decisions regarding not just themselves but all subsequent humanity yet unborn. She became a “high priestess” and a “queen”.  That Spirit is the same spirit that says “I am a queen! I shall never see mourning! I shall never be a widow!” This is the Spirit in the Great Harlot who today shows such arrogant prideful assured based on that confidential access and deal with the Devil. She will not be able to deliver her end of the deal and he will set loose forces to hate and kill her. Almighty God will see to that! Then the principle part of Eve’s spirit will finally die! Eve sought to enrich herself from all forms of clever cunning and immoral unrighteousness and is well symbolic of the other Great Harlot. Selling humankind into sin and death by treacherously using the husband she chose to induce the many of humankind into a web of sins and deceit in which they could be held prisoner with the secrets they want no one to know. There they remain trapped. No, she will never be a widow.  But not due to her cleverness.  She will never be a widow because in order to be a widow, you must survive your husband.  She will not; and that is how her riddle will be solved.

Adam as a result of his unfaithfulness and his lack of real ‘unconditional love’ for Jehovah (Almighty God is the only One we can really makes this statement in regard to -‘unconditional love’), chose a course by which choosing he sold us all to sin and death; for we are his progeny. Jesus is Jehovah’s only progeny in that Jehovah took from himself and made His beloved Jesus. And this is why Jesus is so special. Eve was Adam’s progeny as she was taken from him. That is why she is called “woman” and “female”. Adam could have turned back the rebellion. No, he allowed himself to be persuaded by words he should never have been listening to from anybody. He had one and only one voice he was to listen to and that was his Father. His moment of indecision was his undoing. Will you be decisive throughout the Lord’s Day or will you be found limping on many opinions not being found whole-souled in your devotion to our Lord Jesus and our God Jehovah?

Soon, as the final curtain will be dropped on the Devils entire unrighteous abomination that he has placed before the face of the Living God. This time the incorruptible High Priest will fulfill his sworn duty. He will not rest until he has annihilated The Opposer, his gang of clever but doomed spirit rejects, and everybody and thing that is a part of that wicked seed! The spirit of all three of these original actors will be gone never again to permeate the Heavens or the Earth with their foul stench. Yes, spread the word that soon Adam and Eve will finally and completely be dead!

Your fellow slave in the Christ and servant of the Most High Jehovah

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