2 comments on “Watchtower Organization Was Founded On Racist Beliefs

  1. 🤔. What group involving 👴🏻, 💵 and control does not have a racist element to it? Just because a 👨🏾 is part of a group does not mean the 👨🏾 is there to push Black interest nor that he is not a puppet to 👴🏻.
    The key point is, does Watchtower serve Black interest now? No. It teaches Blacks to obey a group of 👴🏻 which is never good. It teaches Blacks to be Betas/weak like thanks others who harms us and not stand up for our rights nor learn to fight. It teaches us not to live to our potential. Watchtower is rubbish and poison to Blacks.
    Your quotes of old Watchtower articles is 🐂 💩 playing on emotions and not addressing the real issue of today which is Black empowerment. Lots of people and groups are racist. The question is – Can they harm Blacks? Watchtower cannot burst a grape if you are not a member and dumb enough to play along. If we spend time on powerless racist, we will not have full attention on powerful racist who ate trying to harm us.
    You must be White trying to get Blacks to join White people fight against shunning. Shunning to Whites is murder. Most White ExJw would stop their activism the moment Watchtower stops shunning. Or you must be Black as your profile picture shows but from the Civil Rights generation. They are the ones that get 😊 with tokenism and value-less words.

    • Mr Green

      You put it, “”What group involving (?) and control doesn’t have a racist element to it?”

      The fact that this is prevalent doesn’t make it right or okay.

      You refer to man-made groups and institutions, not groups who seek to look to God for guidance on how they should behave toward fellow believers.

      This post highlights not just racism toward blacks, but also Latina members.

      A simple diversionary tactic would be to make this a simple white/black issue and then bootstrap the discussion to current rights movements insinuating that it is just politics.

      Nothing in this post is a call to “push Black interest”. In fact it is a call for the Watchtower Organization to stop pushing exclusive white interest to the advantage of the entire group.

      The remainder of your comments, I will not reply to.

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