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Mission Purpose of this blog


Richard Weathers
(John Jones)

The discussion on this blog is directed to current members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as I once was, who are devoted exclusively to Almighty God and His will. It is to those who remain within the Watchtower who truly believe that obedience to our Lord and Master High Priest Jesus Christ supersedes all other things; whether they are powers, rulerships, or authorities. I welcome all who would enter with seriousness of mind and motive to join in; whether Jehovah’s Witness or not.

It is the mission purpose of this blog to expose the truth about a gross error in simple arithmetic that led to a false conclusion concerning what the number “1914” really represents and what it is not. It is directed to those who are believers of the prophecy this significant number is based on. It is found in the book of Daniel and, based on our understanding was to last “seven times”; a time being a lunar year having 360 days. And that using a day for a year, this amounts to 2,520 years.

Those of that share the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses also believe that this time period began in approximately 607-606 B.C.E. By simple subtraction, 1914 years were left of the prophecy when the Common Era calendar, that we currently use, was adopted. That is where the number “1914” comes from.  For a consideration of the validity of 607 B.C.E. as the beginning point of the “appointed times of the nations”, see  the article at:

Here in short is the clear math error: The prophecy is given in lunar years (remember that is how we get the 2,520 years to begin with). Lunar years as stated, have 360 days per year. 1914 lunar years times 360 days equals 689,040 days total. However, except for leap years, our Common Era years have 365 days per year. 1914 Common Era years’ times 365 days equals 698,610 days total. It should be obvious that the two are not equal to each other. It is mathematically impossible for 1914 C.E. to be the correct end date. There is a difference of 9,570 days between the two calendars

By simply dividing 9,570 by the number of days per Common Era year (365) one finds that this amounts to 26.21 Common Era years.  Following the correct mathematical methodology, these years are to the 1914 lunar years of prophecy that are counting down; this gives the date 1940.21 C.E.

This prophecy and date are important to us because we understand that the end of this prophetic period known as the “appointed times of the nations” and “the gentile times” would also mark the end of a period of absents of Divine expression of kingly rulership upon the Earth. This started as we have been taught in 607-606 B.C.E. when the last king of the line of David was carted off forever to Babylon. When this period was to expire, the rightful, permanent heir and King, Jesus Christ would be given dominion over the Earth. This would re-establish Divine dominion over all things. This time also would commence the beginning of what has commonly been called the “last days”.

When Lord Jesus spoke about these “last days” and a “conclusion of a system of things”, he made a vow concerning the things he had spoken to his disciples present. It is recorded in the Holy Scriptures in the book of Luke, chapter 21 and verse 32. He says “Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened”. (NIV) Jesus had just answered their question as to what would be the sign of his glorious arrival and the “last days” to conclude the wicked system of things.

When the generation of 1914 C.E., passed away around 1994 C.E. and it became apparent that hoped for events had not occurred; a deviation was made by Watchtower leaders and teachers away from Jesus’ clearly spoken words above. That was because it no longer conformed to their belief that is based on the date 1914 C.E. I personally warned them against this. But a true messenger of Christ does not rise to the stature of their “superfine apostles” and they certainly will not listen to me. So rather than being still and conforming to the Holy Scriptures, they believed a deceit of the mind and their lying eyes. The Holy Spirit did not lead them. That is why an “operation of error” has been allowed to run its course until the present from the Watchtowers beginning. Till this date it has become an image before which they and all that continue to fail to separate and “quit touching the unclean thing” prostrate themselves before; never wavering in holding on to 1914. True disciples of Christ must be led by the Spirit and not by sight. Being led means not trying to run ahead of the Master who teaches us at the appointed time. It is not for us to get to know all things; but wait until understanding is made apparent. Jehovah utters prophecy to be understood by someone(s). Why would he tell us these things if they would be meaningless and remain discernible? I say that to those who mock such attempts to understand the prophetic word. It’s not for everybody and that’s okay. But it is equally important to not attempt to use mere human reasoning to understand what is locked because of God’s power; otherwise you may find yourselves as the apostate leadership of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society do, opposing God.

I will start by posting a series of correspondences which date starting December 2009. You will read everything that was communicated with the understanding that congregation elders would be informed. As the Spirit leads me, I do not find it necessary to be attempting to alert many of the leadership of the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. One elder is proxy enough because he is a representative of the governing body. So they have all been served. Their lack of response of any kind belies the blackness of their hearts and souls. They have no answer.

I will also include a graph that should be revealing after you have read the more straightforward information in the correspondences. The correspondences are written to that you don’t have to struggle with grasping what is being talked about. The vector arithmetic graph is the mathematical standard plot for problems involving the parameters of this story-problem.

I will also proffer other subjects for discussion on which the scriptures have been misapplied and are important. Such as: Is it true that the resurrected earthly dead will be forbidden to marry? What is the lake of fire? Why was Jesus the only One who could fill the ransom sacrifice (what is his uniqueness)? Where did the governing body get the authority to appoint men who are not anointed with the Holy Spirit to serve as elders of those who are anointed? If Paul tells us in Galatians 4:26 “Jerusalem above is free and she is our Mother”, then why is the Watchtower telling us we have some “other” mother?

So I hope you will join in; or at least visit for updated materials. Many of our brothers and sisters are puzzled and discouraged by what they themselves can see and understand. It is important to remember that the current spiritual condition of the congregation was foretold to become the case. So, it should not be puzzling at all. What made it “invisible” or hard to discern was that Watchtower teachers have taught us to apply Scripture that has reference to things internal to the true congregation to groups and people who never have had a covenant relationship with Jehovah. Are not the contents of the Revelation written to and in regard to the “seven congregations” that stand before him? But congregation members have been taught to erroneously apply these things to Christendom; taking their focus from being watchful of what was transpiring within in their own midst.

As mentioned earlier, Jehovah has allowed “an operation of error” to go out among all who are perishing. Daniel 7:25 speaks prophetically of these same things occurring in the “final part of the days” and was told that the Evil One, Satan, would be allowed to deceive man so that he would be confused as to the timing of events. It also states that it would be broken up in the verse directly after the one just cited. Satan has surely used this error to blind men and altered their perception of where they actually are in the time stream of prophetic events. Jesus Christ himself also warned to beware of those who would come announcing the Kingdom early and that it has “arrived”. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses have preached such a modern-day message of “announcing God’s Kingdom” to such an extent. The Watchtower has written so much that they cannot hide the many failed attempts to interpret Bible prophecy. The Holy Scriptures tell us that this is the mark of a “false prophet”. And now they have resorted to using persecution, name calling, and intimidation to silence to calling for an accounting of their actions. In effect, they are beating their fellow slaves.

It is the mission of this blog to preach the truth according to the Lord and Master of Christian faith, the faithful High Priest Jesus Christ. Christ exists incorruptible and therefore cannot touch anything corrupt. Nor can anything corrupt touch him. Anyone who tells lies will not have a part in the Kingdom of God. All who have had a hand in preaching this erroneous doctrine are guilty and it behooves repentance. But how can honest-hearted congregation members make a conscious move if the truth remains veiled to them. So hopefully with God’s power, some may be reached while there may be time to make one’s self right with Him. God is a Spirit and He must be worshipped in spirit and in truth. Part of the sufferings of Christ come as a result of standing fast for what you know to be right with God despite the consequences; which are generally extremely negative. Not all are capable of doing such. All the things the prophets of the Lord, the faithful Apostles, men like John the Baptist and Stephen, and others suffered will rain on you for such display of integrity.

When Jehovah condemned the first man Adam, He started by saying what? He said, “Because you listened to your wife…”. When we let the listening to someone else (anyone) interfere or override the voice of Almighty God, we are doing exactly what Adam did. And Israel stopped paying observance to God’s law and listened to those who led them into the worship of false gods. Many who led them astray were anointed kings and priest. That should be a reminder today. Anyone can fall and therefore you ought to never give blind-obedience to anyone except God. Satan was an anointed cherub at one time. And those who failed in their obedience to Jehovah and followed them, were not spared the consequences of punishment. Nor will they today. So anyone who thinks that strategic fingering pointing is going to help at the end any more than at the beginning when Adam and Eve tried it, have misjudged greatly.

Since this falsehood of 1914 C.E. has been being preached progressively through the world for over 120 years; and I myself have been a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses since I was twelve in 1964; I feel personally, that I must attempt to do something. Certainly, given that I have learned the accurate truth about this matter and subsequent developments. First, to bring attention to this error and why it is wrong as we still hold to and accept the meaning of the prophecy it is based on. And second, to point to rely on Holy Scripture, which include the words of Jesus Christ. The generation that saw the beginning of the “last days” has not died. No, they are 72 years old and quite alive. And so, Jesus words in Luke chapter 21, made with an oath, are poised to occur as he stated. Should not one strive to right an injustice or should they remain quiet and cover it up? You be the judge.

I hope you will contemplate as you read here. One must be careful they when they realize they are in one of the snares of the Devil, that in their haste to flee, they don’t end up in another. The ancient nation of Israel found themselves in distress because of their disobedience to God and thought by running to “Egypt” and “Assyria” they could find refuge. They overlook that they had abandoned the Temple where the Jehovah’s Spirit resided. They lost faith that Almighty God could and will clean out His house. For that He punished them. But, they were not bystanders either and had to make a stand. So, rather than a call to abandon your faith, my call is to make your faith real and make good on your profession of love for Jesus and that you prove that you really are a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is a call to honor your Father Almighty God with exclusive devotion.

. Hold on to your integrity!

A fellow slave of the Lord Jesus and devoted child of Almighty God יהוה HWHY




2 comments on “PAGE 2- The Purpose of this blog

  1. “So, we remain physical captives of Satan’s global empire until the time the “Greater Cyrus”, the resurrected Jesus Christ appears and will break once and for all times, the Babylonian yoke of slavery.” Why is it that YOU are spreading “Babylonian confusion”. You are supposed to be listening to Christ, but you dont! ANOINTED are slaves to babylonian confusion because of being JWs!
    The GB are Kings of Babylon occult.
    You wont listen to Christ through His Prophet, because you love the fact you have so many readers to your blog! That is more important to you than being humble and listen to a “woman” who can disprove through scripture, your constant “Babel” WAKE UP!
    “One must be careful they when they realize they are in one of the snares of the Devil”
    You are in one yourself, your own pride. Yet you tell others they should look out for snares from satan. But as long as everyone else does, right…and not YOU, because you are ANOINTED.
    And anything you say must be right. UNLESS you listen to Christ, you are as bad as the GB, who LIE WHILE being Anointed.
    You are not telling people what CHRIST wants known at this time because of your pride! Matt 7:22

    • You speak just like your father the devil.

      You are a liar attempting to flip roles with the truth sons of God.

      Be silent and wait. Reality will prove everything for what it is.

      You are a demonic troll.

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