Statement of Basic Belief


Statement of  My Spiritual Belief

1. There is one God whom exist in Heaven who lives forever and ever. He has revealed His name and it is the four Hebrew letters that form what has been termed the tetragrammaton . ‘Jehovah’ is but one of several variations of His holy name. Almighty God created all things and is the rightful sovereign Lord over all He has created. This is true; all living creatures both in Heaven and in the physical universe owe Him exclusive devotion and strict obedience. There is no other God.

2. The first expression of His creative power is His only-begotten son Jesus the Christ. It was by and through Jesus Christ all other creation came into existence. Our Heavenly Father has made this son, Jesus, Lord and Master over all creation.

Jesus was transferred from his spiritual life in Heaven to the womb of a virgin here on Earth and was born as a human being as God’s means of redeeming mankind from sin and death. He is the seed by which Jehovah God’s sovereignty will be championed over the Devil and his seed.

He lived a perfectly faithful life and received his Father’s approval for that course. He was murdered and after three days was raised back to life through resurrection. He then returned to Heaven to sit at his Father’s side as the designated King and High Priest of the kingdom of God. We are living in the days when he will take his rightful ruler ship and destroy all those who oppose Almighty God.

Faith and obedience to Jesus Christ is the only means to receive salvation from God.

Christ is the only means to be put right with God.

3. There exists Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of God. By Holy Spirit Jehovah God
accomplishes His purpose. God also uses His holy angels and human beings to accomplish His purpose. These ones are imbued with and moved by a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

All intelligent creatures have a law written within us by means of the Holy Spirit so that we should all know what is good and bad in the sight of God. One can abuse God’s Spirit and it can cease to operate in that individual.

4. For a select few humans, Jehovah God has set forth the opportunity to follow the
path of Christ into a spirit life and Heavenly existence to serve as a body of 144,000 under priest in the Temple of God. This opportunity in purely a gift from Jehovah and cannot be ‘earned’ by anything we do. It is solely by the choice of Almighty God that this opportunity is extended. However, those chosen are proven worthy doing just as Jesus did in continuing to be loyal, faithful, and obedient unto death. This means loyalty, faithfulness, and obedience to the Master of God’s house, Lord Jesus Christ.

5. The Judgement begins with the House of God, but encompasses all mankind from
the beginning of human existence. Many will be judged on the basis of whether or not they were obedient to God’s eternal law written within them. So, some other than His household have salvation set before them.

6. Satan, the one called devil, is the present ruler of this world. One must separate
themselves from the Devil and the works of the Devil (wickedness). Jesus Christ will destroy Satan, his followers, and all the corruption they have wrought. There is no middle ground. He will not rest until he has annihilated the Devil, his demons, and everybody and everything that belongs to them.

7. The Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. Holy Scripture is Jehovah’s primary
means of conveying His commands and messages to human beings. We obey God as ruler by being obedient to the things written in His word the Holy Bible.

8. We as disciples of Jesus Christ have the obligation to bear witness of Christ and
otherwise make known the word and will of Almighty God.

9. We must be pure bearers of Truth.

Richard Weathers-pen name John Jones

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