One comment on “2022 Observance of the Lord’s Evening Meal…Be on guard for those who seek to confuse you

  1. It is for good reason the Bible writer James warned that not everyone should attempt to be a teacher among the brotherhood of Christ.

    James 3:1-2

    1 My fellow believers, not many of you should desire to become teachers of God’s truth, because you know that God will judge us, who teach others, more severely than he will judge other people.

    2 It is true that we all in many ways do things that are wrong. But those who always control what they say will be all that God intends/wants them to be. They will be able to control all their actions.
    (Translation for Translators)

    James 3:1-12 summarized:

    Not many of you should become teachers, because God will judge teachers with greater severity than he will judge others. You should all strive to speak what is right, because what you say has a powerful effect on others, and it is often destructive and hypocritical.

    Even if well-intentioned, it is imperative that a person have a clear understanding before they open their mouth in teaching less they mislead others into error. As James said, there will be an accounting for doing so.

    What we say, can have a powerful effect for either good or bad. This is true regarding those who teach others to celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Nisan 13 or some day other than Nisan 14.

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