6 comments on “A Pattern of Heaven

  1. New Age Mysticism ‘Capstone’ vs ‘Cornerstone’

    The term ‘capstone’ is a common reference in luciferian worship. The term is neither use in reference to Christ (Cornerstone, Keystone) nor in reference to the congregation in Scripture.

    The term in question is used twice in Hebrew Scripture (Psalm 118:22 ; Zech 4:7 ). 

    The Hebrew is translated by the Septuagint as kephalen gonias, literally, “the head of the corner.” This term has made its way into the New Testament five times.

    The ‘capstone’ was indeed as its name suggests “the top” of a pyramid, newagers believed that they could channel nimrod through the capstone.

    Also the ‘capstone’ or ‘coping stone’ is used in modern building as the top of a wall, not the foundation.

    This is an example of modern Bible versions diminishing our very foundation in Jesus Christ.

    The capstone is a symbol of Free Masonry. Have you ever looked closely at the pyramid on the back of a one dollar bill?

    The New International Version used the term ‘capstone’ in its 1984 translation edition in place of ‘cornerstone’. However in 2011, they returned to the original term used previous to 1984.

    I have yet to find another Bible translation other than the NIV that has used the term ‘capstone’.

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