4 comments on “Proof

  1. I have a theory concerning this, in regards to what we know as time. imagine being so large that the only way you could view our solar system was through a microscope. don’t you think it would appear to be moving much faster around the sun than what it appears to be from our current vantage point? and if you were so small that you could stand on one of the outer parts of an atom. do you think it would appear to be moving around the nucleus much slower than what we it as? I think so. if I’m correct, that means that time and space are nothing more than a certain perspective, depending on the vantage point they’re viewed from. I believe this to be one of the key elements to the web of lies the elites use to keep us enslaved. let me know your thoughts. God bless you all in Jesus’ name.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Viewpoint, angle of perception is important as you point out.

      From a human perspective the cosmos is solid. But in reality is the most porous and soft place in creation.

      Most people envision the cosmos and bigger and more vast than the Heavens above it.

      Grace and peace brother

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