3 comments on “The face of the Great Apostasy

  1. I say “Amen” to your illustration above. Along with it ‘s caption, it says it all. They ARE the “two horned” wild beast, that breathes life into the Organization of Gentiles. They have betrayed their brothers in Christ; as Joseph was betrayed. Please write to me so that we may talk. My email is pearl144000@hotmail.com
    I am very interested in your graph, and your blue profile picture with the triangle and water fountain below. I was given visions by Jehovah, in answer to prayer, and we may be able to combine what we have, in order to gain further understanding. Also….the Memorial approaches. Jesus told us “two or more” (Matt.18:20), …and at 1Cor.11:33; it reveals that partakers should gather. Would you be interested in joining me that night?
    Love in Christ,

    • Hello dear Sister and fellow slave,

      I am so happy to hear back from you; I was concerned that I wouldn’t. As the body works, one member furnishes one thing; while another something else. And this while working in harmony with each other.

      I believe you about your visions. I have had some myself. The imposters deny such because they have no manifestation that they have received the gift. So they, of course have to ‘pooh pooh’ the idea of it all. Prophetic ability pre dates the Christian era and has been a constant feature throughout human history. In fact Jehovah has stated that He wll not do a thing before He has told His servant the prophet. Of course we know the Bible cautions to test each ‘inspired expression’ to be certain of its source. Satan is powerful.

      The Watchtower for years referred to itself as a prophet (ie the John Class). But they slithered away from such terminology when smell of ‘false prophet’ started getting distinct.

      I will email you to discuss the upcoming memorial. I stopped joining in at the Kingdom Hall years ago. Didn’t seem prudent when I knew the Devil was drinking from that cup. It will be good to share with true brother and sister in Christ!

      I wll keep you in my prayers. Please pray for your brother too.

      Christ has a FULL body!

      With sincere and deep affection

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