5 comments on “Tracing the Origins of the Watchtower Society’s view of Apostasy

  1. I saw a link to your blog over on the topix.com “Jehovah’s Witnesses” forum, and decided to investigate. For the past TWO YEARS, ever since March 2012, Pittsburgh area members have been “witness” to the FACT that Jehovah has ABANDONED the Watchtower, and that Satan has FULL OWNERSHIP and CONTROL of it. If you care to do some of your own investigating, stop over at the forum, and see just how hard the REAL Apostates are working, FROM INSIDE Bethel, to keep folks deceived. If you really are an agent of Jehovah, he will guide your efforts, the same way he has guided mine.

      • Sir! Have you had a chance to visit the forum, to see the proof that the WTS has been ABANDONED by Jehovah, and turned over to Satan? If you have, please help spread that message in any way possible. THAT’S what Jehovah “needs”.

  2. An excellent piece of work! And completely in line with what I and others have been saying for many years: Watchtower leaders, since Rutherford’s days especially and even Russell himself, have become true Pharisees.

    For many years I’ve said that the Fundamental Doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses is “Thou shalt obey the Governing Body as if it were Jehovah himself, except when its teaching contradicts the Bible, in which case you must ignore Jehovah’s Word.”

    • Thank you Alan. I consider it a honor and privilege to share in this late-in-the-day ministry. I only hope that live up to the expectations of our Lord and those of our God.

      When considering Galatians 4:26, it is clear that the WTBS is being led by delusional, spiritually blind men who know not the Word of God.

      May Lord Jesus Christ always be your guide.

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